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Promoting Wellbeing with the Power of Nature.

How It All Started

Molly is one of three generations raised on the farm after her parents purchased the land many years ago.  Raised as a race horse trainer, she switched her boots and has built her company, MJ Habadashary on the land she was raised on. Her mission is created with a strong purpose to heal the land and people.  Having seen first hand how Medicinal CBD can ease the pain and cure those with severe illness, Molly focuses on the importance of quality and organic ingredients. 

The work is just beginning for this regenerative landscape as we continue to clear out the buckthorn and practice a No-Till process when planting our cover crops and Hemp plants. We are also a No Kill farm, meaning that we do not actively butcher any of our animals. By doing so, we are helping to retain and sequester carbon, helping to reduce green house gas emission from tilling each spring. 

To keep the balance of the land, Horses graze the land and regenerate the soil.  Their “exhaust” gets recycled by photosynthesizing plants and into the root systems, gathering carbon from the air and into the earth.  We over-seed cover crops and natural grass seed continually to balance out the bee hives we host for pollination. Then come the chickens that eat all the bugs and scratch the surface of the soil. The chickens are also rotated daily with movable chicken coops that are called chicken tractors. Combine this process with the local deer, wild turkeys, and abundant population of birds and insects we can provide a superior environment for optimal health for the horses, healing honey, nutritious organic eggs, raspberries, apples, asparagus, organic vegetable gardens and popular hemp CBD.


We encourage people to come out to the farm and walk around.  Come, see the animals, as well as the plants and flowers growing. 

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