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Release Liabilty

LEGALIZATION of ADULT USE CANNABIS: Medical Cannabis Caregivers Program, to encourage Minnesotans to participate in their right to “Home Grow” cannabis, as outlined in House File 100, Minnesota State Constitution – Article 13, Section 7; As well as to increase Minnesota Cannabis Patients accessibility of multiple genetics, products, and dosing, for different medical diagnosis’. MJH will grow plant medicine with intention of that person in exchange of membership that 2023 fees will be considered membership expenses. A BILL for an ACT: Relating to cannabis; authorizing patients enrolled in the registry program to cultivate up to 16 cannabis plants without a license; authorizing patients enrolled in the registry program to obtain cannabis flower from registered designated caregivers; authorizing registered designated caregivers to cultivate cannabis plants on behalf of patients enrolled in the registry program; making technical and conforming changes; amending Minnesota Status 2023 Supplement, sections 342.01, subdivisions 52, 54; 342.09, subdivision 2; 342.52, subdivision 9; 342.57, subdivision 2. I HAVE READ THIS DOCUMENT AND UNDERSTAND IT. I FURTHER UNDERSTAND THAT BY AGREEING TO THIS RELEASE, I VOLUNTARLY SURRENDER CERTAIN LEGAL RIGHTS.

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