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Regenerative and Biodynamic Farming


MJ Habadashary was be featured on a segment for The American Dream TV’s Selling the Twin Cities!

We are so grateful for the opportunity to be featured on the news where Molly, our biodynamic farmer, talk about our mission, regenerative farming, and how we're helping to create connections within the community.

Our Mission

To steward the land holistically. We rotate animals and cannabis to recreate healthy microbiology. 

MJ Habadashary is set for the 2023 growing season and we couldn't be more exited!   The last two growing seasons were some the best Hemp Harvests we have seen!

 We were also recognized for our lotion on a national level in 2021. I equate our success with the fact that we are a regenerative farm that is putting the health of our soils first!  Soil health greatly impacts the way plants grow, their natural root systems, and the production and flowering of the plant.  We  help to maintain soil health by planting with using 'No Till' farming techniques and also creating compost out of the animal waste and food scraps that gives the plants everything they need.


If you want the best CBD grown in the sun with clean well water then check out our products. We named them Permission because we deserve to give ourselves permission for better health.

Permission for a better world. 

Farm Visits

We do weekly tours every Wednesday at the farm. Pick an hour and come out to visit, we're located in Oakdale, MN. You can sit under the willow tree, brush a horse, play with a puppy, or pick up some CBD. All visits are welcome. Check us out. Book an appointment and see what all the buzz is about. Horses Honey and Hemp. No recordings, no automations, no filters, just real farmers growing real plant medicine. 


Horses & Sustainability

We use horses at the farm to recreate how animals roamed the land. They are moved daily to fresh grass pastures that have hills and oak trees. They have grassy meadows and 100 year old oak trees and a pond to roam around in. The horses keep the soil healthy and keep MN invasive buckthorn from over populating. We specialize in Sr horse boarding. Its a wonderful life for a few special horses. 


Bees at Work

MJ Habadashary supported six bee hives this year and the bees happily support the food growing all around the farm and Oakdale Nature Center. The honey we harvest has the synergy of the farm. Look for sales in the Fall. It always sells out fast!


Hemp is the most genetically diverse plant on the earth. Its the only plant that can feed us, shelter us and heal us. 

We grow multiple strains each year and make the choices based on the medicinal value, but also the strains that do well for the soil. The strains do well here in Minnesota and have improved the soil quality every year. 

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