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Have you heard about
Permission CBD Lotion?


Award winning 2021 CBD Cream.

MJ Habadashary WON the topical division at the 2021 Legacy CBD Cup.

Nations Best CBD Topical.


Regenerative and Biodynamic Farming

Our Mission

To steward the land holistically. We rotate animals and cannabis to re create healthy micro biology. 

2021 was the best Hemp Harvest we have seen!

 We won an award for our lotion on a national level. It's because this plant loves the heat and it requires less water than traditional crops.

It's also because we take the soil very seriously. We are creating a compost out of the animal waste and food scraps that gives the plants everything they need.


If you want the best CBD grown in the sun with clean well water then check out our products. We named them Permission because we deserve to give ourselves permission for better health.

Permission for a better world. 

Horses Honey Hemp

Horses & Sustainability

We use horses at the farm to recreate how animals roamed the land. They are moved daily to fresh grass pastures that have hills and oak trees. They have grassy meadows and 100 year old oak trees and a pond to roam around in. The horses keep the soil healthy and keep MN invasive buckthorn from over populating. We specialize in Sr horse boarding. Its a wonderful life for a few special horses. 


Bees at Work

MJ Habadashary supported six bee hives this year and the bees happily support the food growing all around the farm and Oakdale Nature Center. The honey we harvest has the synergy of the farm. Look for sales in the Fall. It always sells out fast!

Hemp is the most genetically diverse plant on the earth. Its the only plant that can feed us, shelter us and heal us. 

We grow two chemovars (stains) of hemp that are called Unicorn and Iginia. They are both from our friends at Fat Pig Society in Fort Collins Colorado.  Fat Pig Society is a farmers Coop with emphasis on supporting organic farmers. The strains do well here in Minnesota and have improved the soil quality every year. 


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