Spring is Here!

We've been working hard to get the land ready for planting! After picking out and planning our produce for this season, we finally were able to have a friend help start our seedlings in their greenhouse. Happy little plants starting fresh is one of my favorite things about Springtime.

As far as changes on the farm go, we have new additions to the farm; chickens! 19 to be exact. We have baby chicks and a few full grown hens so we already have eggs!

Nothing beats the nutrients that we get from fresh natural sources. Having these chickens on the farm is also a great way to help control bugs and weeds naturally. Without the use of chemicals and insecticides, chickens can control over-population of crickets, grasshoppers, snails, slugs and other pests in your garden as chickens eat them up. Did you know that chickens all have their own unique personalities? They actually can get closely bonded with their humans and make pretty neat outdoor pets!

We've also doubled our Bee hives this year and have 4 total! This is exciting as we will be able to add fresh, local honey to the CSA this year. We also love keeping bees because they will make the garden's flowers larger and more plentiful. They also help to dramatically increase the yield of the vegetables and plants that require pollination to produce fruit. Bees aren't just

good for our garden, they also help the wild plants in the community! Just one bee hive is enough to dramatically increase the number of flowers within gardens for a mile or two around their hive. So they help to beautify your entire neighborhood.

Continuing to clean our portions of the land here has also been a top priority, as much of it was overgrown with Buckthorn. We've saved several apple trees and gained a vast amount of space which we are integrating the soil with cover crops to help reintroduce nutrients and carbon into the soil. Fiber hemp plants are an important plant for crop rotation for a number of reasons. Firstly, despite it being an annual crop, hemp’s roots reach deep down into the soil. This both helps to hold the soil together, reducing erosion, and to loosen the soil, allowing more delicate plants to grow afterward. Secondly, hemp produces high quantities of biomass (a matter which returns to the soil and decomposes, feeding nutrients back into the ground).

We've definitely been running things a little bit different due to quarantine and social distancing, but the farm and land are as active as ever. For our CBD and product orders, we've arranged for more shipping and also have the option of contact-less pickups. Let us know if you have any questions about either. This is one of our favorite times of year and watching the world awake again with green is something magical that we'll never get sick of! There's so much beauty in the growth and change of things.

Peace & Love,

MJ Habadashary

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