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2021 Recap

We had a great year this year even though the weather was a challenge. The plants and animals are all happy and ready for a long winter in Minnesota. Here are a few highlights:

  1. We added three new horses this year. Black Beauty is a 22 year old black appendix paint mare. Honey is a 20 year old Palomino rescue mare. Roaney is a 9 year old roan gelding. All of the horses are healthy and happy at MJ Habadashary where they are loved members of the farm.

  2. We planted 400 hemp plants, 115 trees and bushes, 100 tomato plants, 400 flowers from seed and starts.

  3. We won the 2021 Legacy Cup in the topical division.

  4. We harvested a record amount of the highest quality CBD.

  5. We added 4 new bee hives and are hopeful to have honey plus surviving queens coming into 2022.

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