Horses & Sustainability

Horses play a big role in sustainability. They graze the land and regenerate the soil. Our horses walk over the ground and disturb the surface, naturally aerating the ground. They munch on the grass and allow regrowth for new photosynthesis, the plants gather more carbon from the air and back into the soil and earth.

The other gift the horses give us is creating manure and distributing it on the soil as fertilizer. By moving the horses to new pastures daily we are mimicking nature and sequestering carbon.

Horse Boarding

Currently we have an opening for up to two more horses to board here. The board fee is $475.00 per month and that includes all the services and feed.

If you have a horse in the twin cities and you want to be involved with sequestering carbon and sustainable grazing animals, please contact us. We are looking for more horses and people to partner with in this movement.

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