Horses & Sustainability

Horses play a big role in sustainability. They graze the land and regenerate the soil. Our horses walk over the ground and disturb the surface, naturally aerating the ground. They munch on the grass and allow regrowth for new photosynthesis, the plants gather more carbon from the air and back into the soil and earth.

The other gift the horses give us is creating manure and distributing it on the soil as fertilizer. By moving the horses to new pastures daily we are mimicking nature and sequestering carbon.

Senior Horse Boarding

At MJ Habadashary, we have the perfect setting for your retiring horse.  Already home to retired race horses, we focus on the care and needs of the leisurely life these hardworking horses deserve.  With Molly's extensive background working on the horse tracks as a trainer, you'll feel confident that your horse is getting the love and attention they deserve! We have 15 acres that we rotate animals and crops over, and are constantly adjusting to find the best balance for the land.  We grow food and Hemp, board horses, and sequester carbon to reverse global warming.

All the horses are giving supplements, treatments and individual feed as needed. Each horse has its own stall and fresh automatic waterers. The board fee is $500.00 per month and that includes all the services and feed.

Senior horses deserve a safe beautiful place to retire. We provide country retirement for your horse AND make it easy for you to visit as often as you like. Our location is a short 10-minute drive from St. Paul.

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